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    I had a new problem with my headset mic that I'm not sure how to fix. Looking for any guidance.

    A couple days ago, my headset mic stopped working. I can still hear from the earbuds but the microphone itself doesn't work. I tested with several different headsets (that I know work because I've used them before) and they don't work either so I'm pretty sure this is a mic input issue as opposed to a headset-specific issue. My phone mic still works when I unplug the headset.

    I don't know if this is unrelated or not but a couple days ago, I also plugged in normal headphones (without a mic). The phone freaked out a little and kept trying to activate the voice commands so I unplugged it and plugged in my normal headset. That's when the mic problem started.

    Anybody encountered this problem and know a fix for this issue? I looked around in settings but didn't see anything related to mic input. I'm trying to stay away from a hard reset just because that makes me a little nervous, but I will give it a try if nothing else works...
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    Yeh, as you really can't test an hardware issue yourself (you would need to go to an Nokia-service point), I would try the hard-reset. If it is still not working -> get it repaired or get an replacement!

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