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  • 1 Post By gibbage
  1. gibbage's Avatar

    178 Posts
    If you guys saw the post yesterday on WP Central, I have been working on 3D printed cases for the HTC 8X (Because im on TMO and own one). I have had a LOT of request's for 920 cases, and went so far as to buy a display model, and arrange to have it 3D scanned. 3D scanning is NOT cheap so I was planning on doing a Kickstarter to see if the 920 users would kick in a few bucks to help offset the cost. I also asked Nokia on the developer forums if they would release the 920 3DK file like they did with the 820, and I got a response!!!!

    They are looking into releasing the 920 3DK, but don't have it done yet. If they do release the 3DK file, I can make custom cases for the 920!

    For more on my 3D cases, please visit me at Gibbages Custom Cases | Your hardware should be just as custom as your software and get all the information. If anyone here has any suggestions for a case design, PLEASE post it. Im really looking forward to working with the 920 and the community!!!!!

    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller
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  2. MAkhdar's Avatar

    119 Posts
    Nice! I am really interested how this goes! :) For the Yellow 920 you should make a lighting bolt on the back with the camera in the middle it would be amazing!
  3. gibbage's Avatar

    178 Posts
    One of the things I am interested in doing is incorporating some type of lenses mount into the case. One of the big features on the 920 is the camera, and I have seen camera lenses' on the iPhone cases. I would need to find out what camera lenses work well with the 920, and make some type of mounting system for it. Optics is not my strong point. Anyone on the forum that can offer me help on that?
  4. jlynnm350z's Avatar

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    How about just a nice soft case, must be soft and maybe print whatever picture or design the customer chooses or they can choose from whatever selection you have. Sort of like tattooing your case. Personalize it. Maybe someone can put there company logo on it or maybe a cool skull or dragon on it.
  5. gibbage's Avatar

    178 Posts
    The materials one can print in is limited at the moment. If you mean soft, like a gel/silicone case then that's not currently possible. Right now the two options are a flexible but strong nylon plastic, and a strong but semi-soft touch acrylic case. I have not yet tested the acrylic and have a sample in production. I need to test it before I offer it.
  6. thedumbkid's Avatar

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    23 Global Posts
    3D printed 920 cases would be awesome! I'd buy them!
  7. irvin792's Avatar

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    1,280 Global Posts
    I'd love to see these and I'd buy some as well
  8. Sukanok's Avatar

    24 Posts
    oversea available???
  9. gibbage's Avatar

    178 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by Sukanok View Post
    oversea available???
    Yes. I use to fill orders, and they have printers in the EU and do oversea's shipping.
  10. yanb's Avatar

    7 Posts
    It's been a month, any progress?
  11. Huime's Avatar

    1,021 Posts
    I wonder what choice do we have on the material. Very excited about where this is going.
  12. gibbage's Avatar

    178 Posts
    Yes. LOTS of progress. I have the 920 scans finished with help from fellow WPcentral members, and will be working on designs THIS WEEK. I hope to have designs to show off soon. It will take about two weeks or more before the case goes on sale since I must test the design FIRST.

    As for materials, you have two options. Nylon and Alumide. Alumide is aluminum dust encased in the nylon. It has a silver metallic look and will not block the inductive wireless charging. There is the possibility of metal cases like brass, silver and titanium at considerable cost.

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