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    I've had my 920 since November. My wife got hers about a month later.
    We both had battery issues, lock up issues, etc.
    I've always used Windows on my desktop and I switched to Windows 8 on release after using the prerelease version.
    I like Windows 8 and sold my Ipad 3 to get a Samsung 500t running Windows 8 which I get more use out of than I did the Ipad.
    I've always shut down my desktop every night. With the tablet, I usually just put it in sleep mode. But I've learned that
    if I don't do a complete shut down every once in a while, things get flakey. The keyboard might not come up, the charm bar might
    not be responsive, IE10 might not load properly. So at the first sign of a problem I do a shut down and restart. Problems solved and I need to do this once a week or so.
    I don't know if the architecture of Windows Phone 8 is the same as Windows 8 but I have been shutting down the phone once a week and I've noticed most issues have gone away. Battery life is OK, at least 36 hours of light usage and its very consistent. I don't get lock ups or shutdowns, either.
    Sure, its a phone and shouldn't need to be "tidied up" every once in a while but I have very few problems since I started doing this.
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    Untill they tweek the bugs out of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, rebooting is how you solve most problems. When my 8x gets screwy I just restart it. No big deal. It will be a while before apps and os play nice together all the time.
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    try contacting nokia care. they'll give you replacement options. my replacement came and it is perfect. the first phone was a mess
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    yeah rebooting fixes things and keeps the phone in top shape. Didn't have to do it many times but I do it once in a while. May not be a bad idea to just reboot every morning. Not a big deal because it reboots so fast. My old Blackberry used to take over 5 minutes to reboot.

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