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    Oh dear!
    Having had a replacement Lumia 920 sent to me after my original Lumia 920 was deemed unrepairable I left it for a week as I waited for my unlock code so that I can use my vodafone sim with it.
    I got the unlock code and typed it in etc. The phone recognised the sim card but states I have no service in the live tile. Thinking that this is due to having no signal I waited a while for it and still "no service"
    I tried different sim cards and they all worked in my Xperia T but not on the Lumia 920 and I have performed soft and hard resets and still the problem exists.
    So now I am left with no option but to have the phone sent back to Nokia!
    This is really frustrating and while I really like WP8 and prefer it to android I am left thinking if it is best I sell the 920 once that is repaired or replaced and go back to android until Nokia sort out their hardware issues. It is a real shame as I feel that the 920 is an amazing piece of kit but I can't be having to return it for being faulty all the time.
    I just want a working Lumia 920 that is reliable. I envy you guys that have been fault free so far.

    Anyway that's my rant over! I really want to give Nokia and WP8 a chance and I believe they have a very good platform but these hardware faults are really frustrating me!!!]
    fingers crossed my 920 is repaired and stays fault free!
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    Well my handset got repaired and sent back and guess what........ It still has the no service status, I have tried 3 different micro sims (Orange, Vodafone and O2) and while the phone recognises there is a sim in the handset I can't make or receive calls due to the "no service" status!
    It's gone back to Nokia today and I am not happy at all as this will be the 3rd time in 5 weeks I have had to return handsets to Nokia!

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