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  1. andrewlumia920's Avatar

    3 Posts
    i seem to get this on 70% of my texts i send, it then gives me the option to retry sending it. sometimes it even fails again, never more than twice though. weird thing is the recipient has usually said that the message has sent twice. anyone shed any light on this?
    UK user on Orange if it help, thanks in advance.
  2. Zeroplanetz's Avatar

    405 Posts
    My thoughts would be the carrier is responsible for it. My 920 on ATT sometimes sends and receives duplicate messages. although not often but it does occur. The reason i say its the carrier is because I once had T-mobile and I had two different phones there and they both did it and more frequently. From the US.
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  3. e4et's Avatar

    138 Posts
    I also frequently get this, sometimes the sms only goes through after the third try.
    Never used to happen on my htc desire.
  4. JammyGitz's Avatar

    198 Posts
    Sometimes I get this if I send a message and then quit out of the app too early
  5. Mystictrust's Avatar

    977 Posts
    Global Posts
    982 Global Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by JammyGitz View Post
    Sometimes I get this if I send a message and then quit out of the app too early
    Same here. Sometimes.
  6. KrankyKoder's Avatar

    23 Posts
    Global Posts
    30 Global Posts
    At least you got an error message back.

    I'm on AT&T in the US. The other day, my wife and son were trying to call and TXT me for 40 minutes; maybe a dozen or more attempts each. Not a peep from my phone. I had 4 bars where my phone was at the time. The wife and son also had strong signals.

    Each time either of them tried to call, it would ring on their end, until it connected to voicemail. Each text was sent with no indication it was not going through.

    (we all have L920s BTW)

    There is no way this is the fault of the phone.

    If this happens again, great phone or not, I am dumping AT&T and they can stuff their ETF as well.

    Great phones mean nothing if the provider can't back up their service.
  7. coldside's Avatar

    9 Posts
    Exactly the same for me. I'm on Orange too.
  8. andrewlumia920's Avatar

    3 Posts
    hopefully they will sort it soon pal, still happening to me all the time, grinding my gears now!
    whatsapp is a good alternative
  9. BPuk's Avatar

    45 Posts
    I've had this a few times as well although more frequently since EE started making ' network changes'. Would be nice if there was a cancel message option that you could hit within a second or so of sending the text as sometimes I've replied to the wrong person or not finished the text! Or I could just pay more attention to what I'm doing lol
  10. Jealy666's Avatar

    206 Posts
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    207 Global Posts
    I get this at times also, on 4GEE.
  11. BeaverJuicer's Avatar

    215 Posts
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    219 Global Posts
    The reason you are getting this is likely because a handshake between your cell and the tower failed somewhere along the line, likely the tower not acknowledging that the message was received from the phone. I get these messages (even if the text went through) when I am in a particularly low coverage area.
  12. Hiiiiiiiii's Avatar

    223 Posts
    Same issue, first time in 10 years after using all kinds of phones.

    My friend with 920 also has this issue
  13. deuxani's Avatar

    106 Posts
    Global Posts
    110 Global Posts
    I had problems sending messages in Thailand and Hong Kong, while in France and Germany (I'm from the Netherlands) I could send texts without a hiccup. When I was in Thailand and Hong Kong I just manually adjusted the time instead of changing the time zone. Back in Europe things work perfectly, so I suspected the time zone setting causing this.
  14. Tim Wayne1's Avatar

    1 Posts
    On O2 in UK, and although don't send many texts or to many people, it has been a slight pain. Although that is if ou try to send texts from within the Contacts / People area only.

    MY solution is that I get the person I want to text to [generally], to send me a text; and then the thread just sorts itself out as normal.

    After you get that first text from them, it just carries on normally.But I never seem to be able to send a text to anyone else first time.

    If I start a text to someone new directly from the test area and chose that person from the "To" line, it seems to work fine. Weird...
  15. David Rosin's Avatar

    2 Posts
    Same text send error failure on a Verizon HTC Arrive.
    first send - 'your text message failed, send again'
    second send - doesn't actually send, just clears the input box
    third send - 'your text message failed, send again'
    fourth send - 'OK'

    EVERY text, whether a new thread, existing thread, whether Verizon to Verizon from the living room to the kitchen (same tower) or from the living room to Miami (multiple towers, multiple carriers).

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