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    When I listen to music from MixRadio, Xbox Music, Youtube, etc. the sound level is good :)
    But when I try to listen to my music, which is already on my phone (Nokia 920), the sound level is very quiet :(
    Is there a seperate setting? I've tried to adjust various volume settings, but so far it has remained too quiet.
    Also tried it both with and without headphones.

    Please help...
  2. gilesjuk's Avatar

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    Online music has probably had its dynamics compressed. Doing so makes music sound louder but it also degrades the music. See Alan Wilder's (ex-Depeche mode) take on it, it doesn't do your hearing any good for one.

    Alan Wilder (Recoil/Depeche Mode) an open letter from, on the current music business
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    No, the problem is not that online music is too loud... But that the music from within the phone is too quiet!!
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    Depends on the quality of the music on your phone and how the song was ripped etc....usually higher quality songs are the loudest and sound the best.
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    I find exactly the same thing. I can happily listen to music from my phone at almost full volume, i couldn't do that with my HTC HD7 (WP7), and if i stream music from Nokia Music, its deafening at the sort of volume i need from standard music.

    Not only that, but if i get a text or call while listening to music, it deafens me.

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