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    Goog today announced that they would be extending the exchange ActiveSync support for Windows Phone 8 through July 31st. Well, obviously, it means that we won't have any Gmail issues, but it also means something else. Something I m REALLY excited about: A"major" update to windows phone 8 before July 31st! Microsoft def won't just adopt the new syncing method but they will also introduce some new features! I am really excited! Are you? Let me know what you think and whether or not you agree.
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    Hey Sahilsandhir. I like your enthusiasm! But this post might be better for the general Windows Phone 8 forum as opposed to the Lumia 920 forum. Live and learn. Anyways, we do expect a big update from Microsoft before then. Read up on Apollo + around the site :)
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    Oops. I kinda figured after I posted this. Thanks! En route to the general wp8 forums!

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