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    Not really sure how else to describe this. I've got some kind of debris and/or stains on the covering of my ear phone hole on the phone. I'm wondering if there is a safe way to clean this. Compressed air isn't doing the trick and I'm reluctant to use any kind of liquid for obvious reasons.

    Anyone else have this issue and/or a potential solution?
  2. Steve Ridges's Avatar

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    I get fuzz/lint in the ear speaker hole thing. I remove it with a little compressed air.
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    I can has.
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    Do you guys in USA/UK really use the word "Schmutz" to describe dirt? How funny is that? Or is that an internet thing?
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    I don't use the word......
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    First I've seen of the word. Best I can imagine, OP has ear wax in the speaker grill. Not sure how to get that out, but I know there are some liquid cleaners meant to be used with (powered off) electronics. I can't think of too many off the top of my head, just know I've seen them. Have you tried turning off the phone and cleaning with a wet q-tip and letting it dry before turning it back on? The water won't hurt the phone, especially powered off.
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    Cotton swab?
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    In my case its mostly pocket lint. A gentle brushing with a tooth brush gets it right out... The Schmutz that is...

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