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    When Im dialing a number to call out its really loud like im on speakerphone... any idea how to disable this??
  2. Al_2's Avatar

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    Do you mean when you're typing the numbers? I agree, it's really loud, especially compared to the sound when you type on the keyboard.

    You can disable it but it will disable all the key press sounds...go to Settings > Ringtones+Sounds > Play a sound for...and untick the "Key press" option.
  3. jeronimo21's Avatar

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    Yes, when dialing numbers it absurdly loud. So there is no way to just disable this without turning off all key press?
  4. invertme's Avatar

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    Yeah when you start making a call turn the volume down.

    To expand on this:

    There is a seperate volume control for this. If it's maxed the volume is crazy loud when dialing. Just turn it down to like 3 (it's a 1-10 range) and it's more tollerable.
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