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    I have updated to portico on my lumia 920 by flashing it with official rom matching the product code from Navifirm.
    The problem is when dialing ##634# code it will show me a 00:00:00 Life Timer Counter even that I used the phone a lot making so many phone calls more than one week.
    Anyone knows or encounter this problem? Please everyone tell me about your life timer after portico,,,,
  2. deepblue82's Avatar

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    Tried this code on my pre-portico Lumia 920 and it shows me 00:00:00 too. Don't know exactly what should be displayed there because that was the first time I've entered this code. Is it a call time counter? A little bit confused as it's called lifetime counter...
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  3. husam2277's Avatar

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    This code should show the call time sent and received since you purchased the phone.. Did you flash your phone before? I didn't try the code before I flashed the phone with the portico ROM.. wish that this is a usual case and its showing zeros on all devices.. waiting to hear about others lumia 920 phones,,,,
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    00:00:00 (after Portico)
    It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt.
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    00:00:00 (flashed Portico)
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    All Lumia's do this, don't know why. Mine did pre and post portico. Just syas "Black" "00:00:00"
    Black Lumia 920 EE
    T-mobile UK
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  7. deepblue82's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by husam2277 View Post
    Did you flash your phone before?
    No, phone is still on original rom.

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