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    I've got a few playlists which are no longer needed. How do I remove them?
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    From the offline playlists downloaded or from your playlist history? On the former, just press and hold, then delete. For the latter, I have wondered the same thing for some time now.
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    It took me forever to figure this out. Not quite sure why this happened but some of my playlists remain in Nokia music even after un-syncing them with the Windows Phone app for Mac. They were empty and it wouldn't allow me to re-sync them rendering the playlists obsolete. What you need to do is go to Music + Videos (Green/Headphones)>music>playlists then long press until you see the option to delete. After deleting them from here it deleted the playlists off Nokia Music. Hope this helps!
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    There is no way to delete playlists created in Nokia Music as far as I know. The only way is to uninstall/reinstall the app to start from scratch again...
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    Subscribing to thread. I've wondered about, and been frustrated by, the inability to delete mixes from Nokia Music ever since I started using the service. Seems pretty ridiculous to not have the option to delete mixes since there are plenty of legit reasons why someone would want/need to delete one: error when creating a mix, the mix didn't play the kind of music you had hoped, want to adjust artists in a mix without creating a new one, simply don't want it anymore, etc. Pretty weird to omit that option, especially when they allow for deletion of Offline Mixes.

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