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    Now, the L920 is a brilliant phone - in fact the only thing I dislike about it is Nokia's weird approach to update scheduling (oh, and the fact that they've released Nokia Drive+ to the entire ecosystem, not just Nokia Drive (normal), which is one of the main reasons I went for a Nokia).

    Yesterday, though, completely at random, the entire screen went completely unresponsive to touch. One moment it was working, 10 minutes later nothing at all. I couldn't even switch it off, since that requires that you swipe down the screen!

    In any case, every hour or so (I was on a day out, thankfully somewhere I knew so I didn't need a map!) I reset it using the Volume Down + Power method, and still no response from the screen - until about 7 hours later when I got home and was about to post here and call Nokia, and it (for no reason I can possibly think of) it just started working again, and has been perfect ever since.

    Has anyone else had a similar thing happen? I have had touchscreens go partially unresponsive before, and my Sony Ericsson M600i screen went totally unresponsive, but I've never seen them come back to life in such a weird manner, and I'm quite concerned it might happen again?
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    This has happened again now :( Yesterday it went unresponsive for about an hour in the morning, until I reset the device.

    Then again at about 11pm the screen totally stopped responding, have tried quite a few resets and nothing whatsoever :( totally and completely impossible to use the device. It was on 'battery save' with low battery last night so I let it run out and tried again this morning, and absolutely nothing again.

    I've totally run out of ideas, I have no idea what on earth could even cause this? Will just have to phone Nokia tomorrow and see what they say :( forgive me for expecting a 520 device to last a bit longer than 2 months before the first fault.......I haven't dropped it, scratched it, anything. This has happened entirely on it's own :(

    Has nobody else had anything like this??
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    Old post i know, but i'm having the exact same issue on my Lumia 930 now... not sure what is up.

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