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    After briefly leaving the lumia world for the 8x(my dad switched to verizon), i am finally back with nokia lumia 920.....Granted i was hoping for Cyan or Yellow but i already had a red 8x and just decided to get a red lumia 920.

    Anyway as much as i grew to love the 8x...and it was originally a disappointing start that i wound up loving that phone..i really just wanted THE windows phone. I felt as awesome as the 8x is that the lumia has more longevity simply because verizon has yet to update any of their windows phone and HTC is known not to support devices as well as they could. Not to mention ,i miss my exclusive apps.

    with that said just a couple of questions...

    currently i am using att go phone plan...$65 gives me unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data.

    I hear that you can't unlock the 920 so i am stuck with att mvno which is fine with me....

    however what is the best att mvno to try?

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    Any advice?
    The biggest Lumia Fanboy.....Currently using Lumia 640 LTE on T-Mobile and the Lumia 640 XL LTE(RM-1096)

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