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  1. bashbaliga's Avatar

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    From unboxing to setting up an account, essential apps to be downloaded and other stuff.

    Would be happy even if i got links to any previous similar discussions on this forum or external blogs.

    Plus i had seen a post of top 45 wp apps in some external blog, let me know if anyone has bookmarked it

    Thanks for the help, getting myself a black one this weekend! :)
  2. rbxtreme's Avatar

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    Reset the phone before first use... A good practise... Then have fun ..all the way. The reset is to get rid of any os issues... Cheers
  3. 9500ix24's Avatar

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    I took a picture to see how great the camera was, I couldn't handle such greatness
  4. socialcarpet's Avatar

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    Played with resizing tiles. To be honest, the resizable tiles was one of the things I was most excited about in WP8. The very next thing I did was open a webpage to see what the HD resolution looked like.
  5. SuperSAT's Avatar

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    Check for things that you would normally take for granted. I had a handset with a faulty headphone socket. Send a text out, use your phone, loudspeaker etc. That's the habit I have got into after being on my third handset!

    When I got my first handset, it was all about personalising via the start screen, checking out the apps available. I recommend TVcatchup, flashlight XT, facebook touch, tunein radio and connectivity shortcuts.

    Good luck and happy lumia'ing. :p
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    First thing I did after picking up my L920............I went back to the house, went to the fridge, grabbed a cold beer................and drank it.............the beer, that is.
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  7. Saint Michael's Avatar

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    Lowlight magic test
  8. mathewhayward's Avatar

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    Licked it
  9. jdhooghe's Avatar

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    *#$#-ed in my pants
  10. Connie Litrenta's Avatar

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    Played with the phone for 3 straight days non-stop. A first for me which is saying something. I'm a phone-aholic!
  11. HM02's Avatar

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    Deleted the dumb AT&T apps, rearranged the tiles, then put all my ringtones and pictures on it.
  12. bashbaliga's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdhooghe View Post
    *#$#-ed in my pants
    I thought going into a orgasmic coma was mandatory within an hour of owning a 920!
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