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    Hey people,

    I got my Lumia 920 in January and it is a "hardware revision 1.0" model. Knowing the issues some are having, do any of you bought a phone recently with a different rev number? You can find it in settings>about

    It would be interesting to see if Nokia has done anything about the issues since November.
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    Just got a new L920 to replace my 8x, and it is a 1.0 Model. I was wondering the same thing, curious if there is a newer iteration fixing some of the known hardware issues. Maybe I just got a straggler, would be interested to see if anyone else has a newer model.
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    Got mine on launch day, V1.0.0.0 (no surprise there)
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    Im also wondering about this, my flash seems to be failing, it works when ever it wants to I also have it since the launch and its also version 1.0

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