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    I'm pretty worried...if this continues...I think Nokia is continuing losing lots of potential customers. I waited for almost 4 months and still wating for it, but not everyone can wait that long like i am...
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    You can find plenty of 920s in stock.

    In white and black.
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    For some reason theyre finding it really hard to produce yellow. Clove uk are stocking it from next week tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by TaichiSurface View Post
    I think Nokia is continuing losing lots of potential customers.
    Doubtful. Lets say 1 in 10 want a yellow Nokia Lumia phone. That one person has a choice of a yellow Lumia (9xx, 8xx, 6xx) or a yellow 8X. They could give up and get another color, wait like you are, or buy the 8X. So for that 10% of people that want a yellow Lumia, odds are that Nokia gets the sale, yellow or not. Sure, 1-3% may go with an HTC, but I doubt availability of yellow is hurting Nokia's bottom line above anything that would be considered statistical error.
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    I have seen yellow on amazon this couple of weeks?

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