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    Was wondering if anyone has any camera tips to share? The things you do to make a better picture for a certain situation.

    Here's one of mine, to get more natural looking low-light shots, lower the exposure.

    Kinda duh I suppose but when I first got the 920, I was loving its low-light capability but hating the way those photos looked. There are times where I would prefer a low-light shot to look as it is; low-light.

    Low light test | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    I would also suggest, if you can hold the phone still enough or balance it on something, pump up the exposure and drop the ISO to 100. A lot less noise and sharper images. (provided you dont move at all)
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    Hi Shredcow,

    are you from Singapore ???

    Bookmark this website : Windows Phone Photography | Windows Phone Central

    and check out this for a beginner guide Nokia Lumia 920 Photo guide: How to make the most of your camera | Windows Phone Central
  4. Shredcow's Avatar

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    Hi Rick, yeap, from Singapore.I have read thru those 2 links before - thanks for refreshing my memory! :)

    Anyway, here's another tip - get close to the subject.

    Coming from the 41-megapixel monster Nokia 808, the 920's photos don't take well to any sort of zooming or cropping unless the light is optimal.

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