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    Sorry for the boring thread!

    I'm coming over from Samsung Focus owner's forum, since, during my recent month-trip to Boston, I got myself a Red Nokia Lumia 920 + Wireless Charging Stand. I just got my old, regular SIM card migrated to the microSIM that all the cool boys are using nowadays, so it's 3 a.m. and I can't get myself to put it down. I'm so happy that I created a new thread LOL. The CC-1043 case, CR-123 car holder and a couple other accessories, like the Roadster 2 to use in my car, are still on their way. This thing of mine to fully equip my new phone sure isn't cheap! :P

    I just wanted to say 'Hello!' to everyone and that I'm really happy to be back using a Nokia smartphone. The last one I had, before coming over to WP, was the Nokia N86.

    I hope this didn't bother anyone!
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    Congrats on the new toy. You couldn't have made a better choice.
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    Hello and welcome! I am sure that you will love your Lumia 920 as it is a marvelous device to use on a daily basis.

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    I too just switched to a lumia 920. I really like it so far. I tried a samsung focus a couple years ago and the windows phone os has come along nicely.
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    I really like mine. I want to upgrade my wife's 900 soon as I find one.
  6. justop26's Avatar

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    Thank you for the welcoming replies, everyone! I'm truly happy with this pone, everything's smoother and faster than on the Focus :)

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