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  1. kong u's Avatar

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    I'm over 20gb into my 'other' storage and its eating up more as I'm uploading as I type this post
  2. johninsj's Avatar

    373 Posts
    No. Every app has the ability to store data in the file system, and each app's data is "sandboxed" from other apps - meaning no app can see what other apps have used in storage, or delete it.

    The OS reports all the space used by apps to store their info as "other" - basically everything you have on your phone that isn't music, or photos, or whatever else they break out specifically.

    If you want to clear that, currently the only way to do so is to "wipe" your phone and reinstall apps - Other will start at 1-2GB again, and climb as you load/use apps.
  3. kong u's Avatar

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    I don't understand why my 'other' storage is so high. Ive been in Japan for nearly 2wks. I started with about 8gb in 'other' and 12 days later im over 20gb.

    I noticed while uploading just now it was eating up space after each photo. I kept having to delete music from my phone to free up space. I was getting constant low storage notification warnings. I now have a phone with pretty much bare minimum number of apps, no music, about 5gbs of photos/video and 20gbs of 'other'

    Thing is ive taken 100s and 100s of photos and the photo storage has been building up a lot slower than my 'other'

    What is in this space? I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Ive constantly been deleting web browsing history. Email sync is set to 3days and ive just deleted all the emails from the past 3days.

    All music has been removed. A lot of apps have been deleted.

    I cant think of what else could be filling up 'other' than my uploaded photos and videos.
  4. wilsey's Avatar

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    Yeap, I think it uses a lot of 'Other' Storage space. Joe Belfiore mentioned it before in his tweets. He said to disable the auto upload to Skydrive.
    I think the reason is when you manually/automatically upload the photos to Skydrive, you will see a new album created in the Photos, which has a "From SkyDrive" name under it. If you uploaded all the pics since the first shot, then all the photos in that albums are the duplicate of the photos that you have on Camera Roll.
    So, even though, the photos inside the SkyDrive album are not stored in your phone, you still can see it as thumbnail, which means, it is using some spaces on your phone.
  5. fardream's Avatar

    458 Posts
    For a company that cannot do a proper timer, anything could happen. I doubt that a stupid dev did the upload part of the code and forgot to remove the photo from phone storage.
  6. Squatting Hen's Avatar

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    This is what happened to my wifes phone. She only uses a few apps (maybe 5), but takes a ton of pictures. Her other storage was getting close to 18gb. We had auto backup to Skydrive set to best quality. I could watch her other storage space increase as her photos were uploading.

    I really hope this is a glitch. We have extra storage in Skydrive to use for this exact reason. We want the photos she takes backed up to Skydrive. It is a pain to do each one manually.

    I did have to reset her phone as it kept giving low memory notification. Now she is hesitant to use it as much. Pretty dissappointing.
  7. chrisc4's Avatar

    5 Posts
    I use skydrive for 2 reasons:
    1. Allows me to open the file on any platform.
    2. Its great when you need to migrate to another windows phone.
  8. T Moore's Avatar

    1,028 Posts
    This article says temportary storage is used when pics are auto-saved to skydrive. The phone keeps a cache of uploaded photos for two weeks. This will clean up the temporary files.
    How to gain back Temporary memory by moving photos out of SkyDrive: fast forward time | Windows Phone Central

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