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    I am 3 weeks into my current Cyan 920 and its awesome, I love the phone and the WP8 but I amm getting a promotion at work that will get me a company phone and I can't use the 920. I'm 5 days outside of the 14 day contract cancellation so I'll have ETF's. I can't turn down a free cell phone, thats $100 a month I will have free'd up in my monthly expenses so I may have to sell the new 920 to pay the ETF's with at&t, I'm bitter.

    I left the iphone to get the 920 and love it, swore I'd never go back to IOS, and here I am, dammit.

    Can you guys give me input no a fair asking price for an "as new" 3 week old Cyan with wireless charger, box set, with 2 new cases. One is the cool incipio that wraps the phone and the other is the factory Nokia CC case in gray.

    Thanks guys and hopefully I'll be back when my company goes to a new phone format in the fall and we ditch the iphones.

    Keeping the Lumia for personal phone, I simply can't give it up and go back to using ONLY a 4s.
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    Any chance work would let you use your 920 and pay you for it? Probably not. It's great to get a free phone and plan, but I can understand the disappointment. You could always turn down the promotion. Haha
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    Sorry I might be misunderstanding but why cant you keep your 920 and just use your work iphone for work? My friend just had the same thing happen to him - hes been given a company iphone but only uses it for work and uses his GS3 the rest of the time - all his iphone bills are paid for so hes not paying anymore for his monthly contract than he was originally.
  4. madsedan's Avatar

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    I could keep my phone and just have 2 devices but I have 3 kids and the $100 a month savings is allot more valuable to me than keeping the phone. I tried to work a couple of angles, ideally keeping and expensing my phone, but no dice. The Verizon iphone packages we get our all sync'd up with our security and mail service, etc. They won't make a cumbersome exception for the guy that "really likes his blue phone".
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    I had the exact same thing happen at my job. I just bought a 920 and then got a new job. I ended up selling my 920 and then getting a Droid DNA for work. I didn't like any of the Windows Phones on Verizon so I went Android. I have a full upgrade though from our on call phone. So once Verizon gets a top end Nokia (or Microsoft) phone I will jump back to Windows Phone.

    I miss my tiles more than I thought. I won't miss my Android phone at all. I hate iPhones so I wouldn't even consider that as an option.
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    It's an easy choice - turn down the promotion ;)

    On a serious note: How much is your ETF? I would charge that plus may be $50 if people in USA are really into buying stuff. In the UK, that would be about 450 considering ETF+ 50 and I think people will buy a 3 weeks old phone at that price here (with extra stuff added on).
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    Terrible news would be that you had to sell your 920 because you just got laid off.

    Congratulations on the promotion.
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    Yeah, I was thinking $400 for everything, wireless charger, extra cases, etc. seeing as its only a couple weeks old and if I put it in the boxset it will appear as a new phone, no joke. That'll cover shipping, my etf's since I'm in the first month, anda few bucks to buy my kids some ice cream lol.

    $400 seem fair for everything or am I being unrealistic? You guys decide and thats the price I'll list it at ;)
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    The price is more than fair, I would like to buy it immediatelly from u, but heck, I am in Serbia, Europe, which is too far away, and sending it here, is quite a risky bussiness :(
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    Could you just get another windows phone on Verizon?
  11. madsedan's Avatar

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    I will try to get an HTC 8x but I believe the company has already bought iphones and have them sitting in a box, worse yet, it might even be a 4s
    I may end up just keeping the phone if thats the case lol
    On the flipside though, it will be nice being able to easily play music in my car.
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    400$ is fair, with the wireless charger. you're going to save 100$/month, so that also offsets the ETF a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by madsedan View Post
    I will try to get an HTC 8x but I believe the company has already bought iphones and have them sitting in a box, worse yet, it might even be a 4s
    I may end up just keeping the phone if thats the case lol
    On the flipside though, it will be nice being able to easily play music in my car.
    You can wait for the 928. 😊
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    $400 seems right when checking against completed listings on eBay. I'm actually in the same boat - my work phone is an iPhone 4S, but since I don't have kids, I can justify the 920 as a personal phone. I also am a bit paranoid and really don't like the idea of having Facebook, Gmail, Outlook.com, texts and other personal stuff going through a company phone. Carrying around two devices sucks when I have to do it (luckily not often), but on the bright side I have complete coverage via AT&T and Verizon, so I'm always in cell range of something. You could look into canceling or greatly reducing the AT&T data plan and using the iPhone as a hotspot for the bulk of your data needs :)

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