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  • 1 Post By Sean Maloney
  1. pogar's Avatar

    2 Posts

    I've just bough Lumia 920 (from Orange in Poland; branded, but just with logo).

    I can install different apps without any problem, except Here Drive+ Beta..
    Phone says, that it is not available in my region (Microsoft Account set to Poland). I've went there from Nokia Drive "application placeholder". The same result is when I go there from TopApps application.

    Webpage (HERE Drive Beta | Windows Phone Polska: Sklep z aplikacjami i grami) doesn't provide install buton as well.

    Is this expected or it is something wrong?..

    Best regards
  2. miodrage's Avatar

    260 Posts
    Hi pogar,
    I would suggest u change ur region in the phone to USA. when the restart of the phone is finished, u go to the Market, and download whatever u want, and that isn't on ur Market. Then u go to settings again, revert back to Poland (which u don't have to do), and thats it. That is how I got my Drive, and Nokia Transit, however the latter doesn't function in Serbia :(
  3. pogar's Avatar

    2 Posts
    HI Miodrage
    I've already tried that .. I've changed language and country etc. No change.
    The app is also Not listed in Nokia Collection, regardless of the country, to which phone is set . :-(
  4. EggoEspada's Avatar

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    I'm having a similar issue where I'm not finding the app in the store I did a hard reset and now can't download it. I'm on At&t with the region being US.
    Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Board Express
  5. jason_tee's Avatar

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    I'm having the same problem here after I updated my firmware using NSU. Everything else working fine except for Here Drive Beta. I couldn't even find the app in market place either. Tried changing the region to different countries and not seeing the app from Nokia Collection.

    Anyone here that has Lumia 920, please help to do a favor to check in marketplace whether Here Drive Beta can be found. Thanks in advance.
  6. miodrage's Avatar

    260 Posts
    A very interesting thing... I cannot find HERE Drive either on 3 Markets (Serbia, UK, USA). And yesterday evening it was on. Hmmm, possibly Nokia pulled it and we r to see a new update... I suggest we wait a day or 2.
  7. xtrip's Avatar

    44 Posts
    same issue here, after updating to 1308..i cant install the app - not available in the market place.
    i wonder if its because its not compatible with new version..or the ap is no longer available in the marketplace?
  8. Sean Maloney's Avatar

    4 Posts
    I'm having the same problem. I just received a replacement 920 from Nokia warranty repair, and Nokia Drive was not installed. The Nokia Drive tile just sent me to the marketplace which displayed an error. I tried searching the marketplace and updating the firmware, but no luck. I guess I can't use Drive until this is fixed.
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  9. #9  
    Hi me too with my lumia 820. im getting the error

    there has been a problem completing your request. Try again later. Error Code: 805a0194

    I tried installing from Sdcard and it show not supported. i also tried changing my region.
  10. dinesh_altius's Avatar

    23 Posts
    May be Nokia would have recalled the beta version and releasing the stable version.

    Here's more on the link
    HERE Drive Beta disappears from the Nokia Collection on Windows Phone

    I own the Nokia Lumia 820 and getting the same error code. I'm from India.
  11. chenhogi's Avatar

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    It seems to have been pulled from the Marketplace. Perhaps a new version is about to be released by Nokia.
  12. hudsonvalley's Avatar

    113 Posts
    The same problem here, Lumia 920 on ATT in NY
  13. tbonenga's Avatar

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    I feel better now. I just got my unlocked Rogers for Tmobile USA. I couldn't download it either and kept getting a error. I thought I was screwed. Now I guess Nokia just pulled it and about to update it.
  14. la5rocks's Avatar

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    2 Global Posts
    Same thing happening here, except I was trying to install an update for HERE Drive my Store said it needed to install. It wouldn't update, so I removed the app, only to find I can't get it back - bummer!! I sure hope it's available again ASAP.
  15. Talderon's Avatar

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    I could not find it either, but when I clicked on Nokia Drive icon (that comes with the phone ROM (US)), it send me to the download for Here Drive Beta+
  16. Gunjan Sharma1's Avatar

    1 Posts
    Same problem here... :)

    I bought Lumia 920 two days before...
    I came to know that now entire navigation software is devided into three apps Here city Lens (track popular places), Here Map (see maps) , Nokia Drive/ Here Drive (Navigation in drive mode).

    When I go Nokia Drive it sends me to Window Store and from there I get some generic error..

    Please let me know.. and suggest shall i return phone back to dealer..?

    I am leaving in Oman....
  17. MAERSK's Avatar

    213 Posts
    I think they're in the process of renaming all their services ovi ?_?
  18. #18  
    imagine my surprise after updating to Portico, and i have to send my phone to the Nokia Outlet for the update (OTA not available at the moment for Malaysia)...when i received my phone no Drive!

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