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    I have an unlocked ATT L920(On the latest att update, 1232.5962.1314.0001) and I currently live in the Dominican Republic, the major carrier here is Orange Dominicana which does offer 4G but not everywhere. Luckily for me everywhere I go theres a wifi connection that I can connect to. The problem is that i also want my data connection on, but i do not want 4G, i can bare with edge or 3g. Is there a way to manually select these bands or to select just one of them (2G, 3G, 4G). I've heard on some past forums that before this latest update there was a way by typing ##3283# but that has been removed in the latest att update. this is really frustrating because I can save some major battery by turning off the 4G.

    Any help please ?
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    No way to do it on the AT&T Rom later than 1232.5951.1249.0001. I flashed back to that Rom just so I could use ##3282. I think you meant 3282 not 3283. You may be able to flash back to that Rom like I did, or flash a different carriers rom on there. I am not sure which other Rom's support ##3282 or network speed switching through the cellular setting, if any. I've fought the battle with AT&T and Nokia support to reinstate the option to switch speeds and it seems it is AT&T which dictates locking out switching on all phones except the Iphone. Same with Verizon from what I have seen. AT&T LTE doesn't always work here in Miami even though I have bars and it's not smart enough to switch on it's own. I leave it on the 3G setting in the field test menu, which shows as 4G on the top of the phone, which translates to HSPA+ in AT&T speak, mostly and it works great.
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    damn! well this sucks, let just hope that they include the option in a future update :/
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    Only non-at&t users can do it unfortunately.
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    This is frustrating. Can someone please end the Mobile Operators Arm twisting tactics please!

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