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    So for the past couple of weeks, I've not been able to receive multimedia messages photos,videos, etc.

    AT&T can't seem to figure it out. They've hard reset my phone, replaced the SIM card, gave me a replacement phone. I didn't have any APN settings, so the last thing they tried was to insert the APN ... didn't work.

    Oddly, a tech was able to send photos, but family & friends were not able to. This got me thinking I could only receive mms from AT&T; my friend same phone/ATT is having no issues, but I cannot receive his photos either.

    I've searched for other solutions on the net. Tried an alternative APN nothing. I've tried the access point app, pointing to LTE2 nothing.

    It seems like other people have had this issue resolved by one of said solutions, but none have worked for me. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar

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    What carriers do you friends have that send you MMS and you don't receive?

    How big are the files they are sending?

    What format are the files they are sending?
  3. Curtieson's Avatar

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    So the only one you have received at all lately was from the tech? Do you have a bad reception typically?

    If I am at work, I get a terrible reception and if someone sends me an MMS it completely craps out. Same thing if I turn the cellular signal off. When I get a signal later, it will send a text that they sent something, and it gives me the option to "download content" but it will NEVER download. It's weird.
  4. Catlasers's Avatar

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    @Laura My friends have Sprint and Verizon. I'm not sure how large they are ... .jpg i'm assuming. They are photos taken from the camera on their phone, not downloaded from the net ... but I was able to get pretty large files before these issues started. The photos the tech were able to send to me were 4k and 91k, both jpgs. Honestly, not sure what the video files are, but before I've gotten .3gp files ...

    @Curtieson I live/work in downtown Atlanta so I pretty much have 4-5 bars, LTE all the time. Yeah, the last tech had sent me two photos – no preview, it just said 'get media content (sizekb)' but it would never actually download it. That had never happened before ... but besides that event, I just don't get anything at all. Ever

    Isn't all your chat data stored somewhere (I only assume this because when you reconnect your account after a hard reset, it fetches all your chat history, including multimedia)? Could it have reached some sort of capacity?

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