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    Look at the screenshots below.



    Windows Phone Storage shows 1.48GB in pictures.
    Nokia Storage Check shows 9.3GB in photos.

    Any idea why?

    I've got a theory that Nokia Storage Check might be including all saved photos and screenshots, but Windows Phone Storage only shows "Camera Roll"

    There's also discrepancy between Music + Videos

    EDIT: In fact, every category has discrepancies
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    To be honest I think the storage check in the phone settings shows collective sizes i,e bundles the app data, temp files etc into the other storage category whereas the storage check app does not.
  3. VegaNovus's Avatar

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    It just doesn't make much sense, I wanna know why there is a 6.9GB difference in photos :/
  4. helsten2's Avatar

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    Confirmed. Every category has discrepancies here too!!

    EDIT: Screenshots (GDR2 w/Amber updated):
    Last edited by helsten2; 08-09-2013 at 03:41 AM.
  5. bambusbieger's Avatar

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    It shows less in "Music+video" but more in "Photos". So my guess is that Lumia Storage Check counts videos (at least some) to photos. The reason for the "Other" category being smaller in Lumia Storage Check is that it only shows a part of the other storage that can safely be deleted.

    [S]BTW: Is your Lumia Storage Check app up to date? Because it looks totally different on my phone (just checked, mine is up to date).
    EDIT: You are definitely using an outdated version. Please update your Storage Check app and report back if your problem is solved.[/S]

    EDIT2: Nevermind, it actually looks the same on my phone. Sorry about the confusion.
    Last edited by bambusbieger; 08-09-2013 at 03:51 AM.
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    My Nokia Storage Check and WP Storage check is also screwed...

    One of these needs to be fixed to show the ACTUAL storage.
  7. VegaNovus's Avatar

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    Will hopefulyl spend some time tonight to find out which figure is correct
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    So happy I'm not alone in this

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