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  • 1 Post By Xpider_MX
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  • 1 Post By miodrage
  1. Xpider_MX's Avatar

    736 Posts
    I have an Android 4.2.2 tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 since a year ago) and I use more my L920. I had an iphone 5 for 15 days and no, it is not for me.

    Is this normal? because I'm seeing a lot of "I hate Windows Phone" threads and maybe I'm wrong.
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  2. index1366's Avatar

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    Oh come on, stop with that, I'm the same. I can't stand the one and only fathers Android device in the house, and I'm hardly even using my old iPod touch 4g when I got the NL920..
    So yes, we're kinda the same ;)
  3. fpostrow's Avatar

    132 Posts
    Same boat, and yes it's normal. The NEW normal dare I say....?
  4. JFH_2012's Avatar

    22 Posts
    I have a iPhone 5 sitting here next to my MacBook Pro Retina, iPad Mini, and it is turned off. My white Lumia 920 is not. It is a piece of art.
  5. Ethere's Avatar

    72 Posts
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    109 Global Posts
    I had a Yellow 920, went back to Android because of the apps and regretted it. Just traded my GS3 for a red 920 and couldn't be happier. Missed my Lumia badly. So yes, this is normal.
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  6. metalchick719's Avatar

    2,354 Posts
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    2,624 Global Posts
    Not that unusual... I still enjoy iOS and came from an iPhone 4, but I very much prefer WP8. I went from a Lumia 810 to 920 and love the platform. I did recently get an iPod touch for stuff I had on my iPhone that I can't use on WP, but it's all good.

    Never tried Android, but then again, I've never had any desire to. Eww...
  7. doublebullout's Avatar

    206 Posts
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    664 Global Posts
    You're definitely not alone. I prefer WP8 and my 920 to an iPhone or Android phone.
  8. WasteSomeTime's Avatar

    871 Posts
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    887 Global Posts
    As normal as it can be. Your simply aware of quality when you see it.
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  9. krishna6233's Avatar

    45 Posts
    its normal to luv the handsome LUMIA...
    wp is still not worth nokia's hardware
    sold my new LUMIA 720 and bought 520 ..n saved the rest to buy another when wp blue arrives android n symbian ..miles ahead of wp
  10. miodrage's Avatar

    260 Posts
    I was a heavy iPhone user, with 3G, and then iPhone4, for a total duration of some 4 years. Now, I won't even look at the new phone, and the new iOS (it is a big dissapointment for me), and I am also a radical Android hater from the bottom of my soul. So tecnically speaking, WP is the only OS for me, others do not exist.
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  11. Ian Too's Avatar

    350 Posts
    I keep a toe in the iOS ecosystem with my iPad 2, but in truth, since I got my Surface RT the iPad looks more and more like a white elephant. Not only does the static interface not hold my attention, but switching between tasks - a four fingered swipe - is a pain compared to the simple swipe from the left on the RT.

    So no, I don't think you're insane. I just think the grass is greener over here, that the day to day experience of using a Windows Phone is a happy one.
  12. LMZR's Avatar

    2,645 Posts
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    2,742 Global Posts
    I was a hardcore iOS user (Owned an iPod Touch 4th gen, my first device with a touchscreen three years ago, got a 5th gen iPod Touch this year.)

    Then i got my Nokia Lumia 520, i would not get an iPhone, nor an Android device, but i would get a Blackberry Z10. (Yeah i know.)
  13. tgp
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    tgp's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xpider_MX View Post
    I don't like Android nor iPhone and I love my L920... is this normal?
    Perfectly normal... for 3.7% of smartphone users! But yes, in this forum, it is perfectly normal for the majority. Go to AC or iMore, replace L920 with SGS4 or iPhone 5, and "perfectly normal" will be equally as true.

    Quote Originally Posted by krishna6233 View Post
    wp is still not worth nokia's hardware
    Sadly for me, this was my conclusion. I had to leave my 920 for the time being. Hopefully I can return soon!

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