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    finally got amber update on 02 uk.. wahooo its finally here.
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar

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    That great!!!

    I'm stilling waiting for mine to get the update which is unlocked!
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    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!
  3. adesonic's Avatar

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    Yeah, doesn't seem to be available yet for unlocked UK CV
  4. CJones1982's Avatar

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    I got three updates:


    Don't think this was Amber. All I seem to have is Data Sense and a few new ring tones and alarm tone. Any other differences that you know of please?!

    Thank you
  5. csd_images's Avatar

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    Aye, same here. Nokia Support page still shows Coming soon. Still it's good to see it finally being released. Shame it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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