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    Hi all,

    After updating my Lumia 920 to GDR2 and Amber with Nokias Pro Cam, I kind of switched from Pro Shot to Nokias Pro Cam when taking a Pictures. Now after one week I am testing 4 major camera apps to see which one to use in which situations. (Nokias Pro Cam, Pro Shot, CameraPro and default camera app ).

    There are mainly 4 things I am looking for:
    1. picuture quality
    2. speed, start up speed to take first shot, and then shot-to-shot speed
    3. ease of use
    4. settings

    I am not done with my tests but so far it feels like Nokias Pro Cam takes best Pictures (software for processing pixels is best I Think, results are best) and Nokias built in camera app is actually fastest in term shot-to-shot. I am still testing Pro Shot which was my favourite app until Nokia released Pro Cam, and CameraPro which I used even on my Nokia N8. I mainly use these last two when I want to shoot some time lapse or long exposures.

    While I am testing it would be good to have some input from other users on this topic. What do you use and why? Which app is best for Picture quality and which one is fastest. I do not use any instruments, I Think it is silly when I read Reviews when they Point out som 0,1 sec improvements or Weight 1 gram or 1 mm larger screen. I am only intressed as normal human user of things what I actually can see or feel.

    If anyone use some other camera app it would be nice to hear which one you use and why.

    Thanks !
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    I love Pro Shot, but I also like Nokia Pro cam as well. we are lucky with WP8 so many really nice camera apps.
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    I use Camera360 as it is
    1. Free
    2. Easy to use
    3. Real-time filters
    4. Manual Focus
    5. Good in-built image picture gallery
    6. Good image quality
    7. Option to set framers (like square, rectangular, film like, pinhole etc.)

    There are some cons as well.
    1. No white balance (maybe as there are filters).
    2. Long shot to shot time.
    3. Low resolution.
    4. Pictures take some time to load in the Default Photos hub.

    Though the resolution is less, the image quality is better than the ones I take with the default camera app.
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    Yes, Camera360, I have tested it but I am not that much real-time-filter person. I prefer to take Picture as good as possible, as fast as possible, easy as possible. After that I can post process whatever I want. For that reason I do not use Camera360 but it is a fun app. I like Glam Me from Nokia too, but just for fun :)
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    I find myself alternating between ProShot and Nokia Pro Cam. The default camera app is good when you need to be quick.
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    I've moved this to WP Apps from Lumia 920 forum, but I personally feel this thread will serve a better purpose in Photography Forum. OP - drop me a PM if you want this to go in photography forum since it is specifically talking about photography apps.
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    Since the Amber update I've been using Pro Cam 99% of the time because of the camera launch button option. What bothers me with it is that ISO and Focus are going back to Auto every time I start the app. Before Pro Cam I used ProShot exclusively, they are both good, just different UI's.
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    I'm still stuck on Portico on my 920 (pre-Amber), so Pro Shot for me 99% of the time. Stock camera when I need a quick camera..
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    I have set Pro Cam as the default app and use that if I need a quick picture. I still think ProShot takes the best pictures and select that if I have time to get a good scenery shot in.

    I tried One Shot but it makes my phone get extremely hot, the app itself is very slow, and it kills the battery after about 10 minutes.

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