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    I have opened this for the future users of 925. as we know Nokia made a big NONO with many 920 devices, lots of issues: reboots, freezes, and now with the 1308 fw call drops and signal loosing. what do you think? is 925 gonna come with the same severe FW flaws?
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    you are a month too early.
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    There is a sticky thread called: "Bugs/Defects with Lumia 925"

    I think this is a bit redundant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nokialove View Post
    There is a sticky thread called: "Bugs/Defects with Lumia 925"

    I think this is a bit redundant.
    Yeah I agree. I guess we can report here and only have the issues stickied but that would require the other OP to organize and consolidate.
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    Bugs / Defects with your Lumia 925 This is the thread you want to post all your bugs/defects in guys. :)

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