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    The charger provided with the 928 is pretty darn slow. Is there something that will safely give the phone a quicker charge. I know that Apple provides a more powerful USB charger for the iPad so I know such things exist. Any reason to avoid using something like this? Any charger suggestions?

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    The wireless charging pad from Nokia works extremely fast with this phone. The 928 charges as fast as the GS4 or iPhone 5 which is a big change from how slow the Lumia 920 used to charge on the same pad. I've noticed that the USB cable method is a good bit slower myself.

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    I've charged my Lumia 928 side-by-side my iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 charged about 20-25% faster than my 928.
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    The iPhone 5 has a smaller battery so its not a straight comparison
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    i find the usb charger is somewhat slower with laptop usb port. And also the phone can drain way faster than its fastest charge.
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    From about 20% to full charge it takes 75 minuets for mine to charge.
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    Can you 'supercharge' a Nokia Lumia 920 with wireless and wired charging? | Windows Phone Central
    Turns out that I remember wrong - wired charging is faster than wireless. But, this article says using a high-powered wired charger. The question is, "How many of us are using high-powered wired chargers?" The article doesn't say whether the wireless puts out more than the lower-powered chargers. Of course, depending on how you read it, it may, but I think the article is too vague to really give a good answer.
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    Thanks for all the replies. They are helpful.
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    So I've had my 928 for about 5 weeks now and I am still experiencing relatively slow charging. It takes about 3 hours to charge from 15-20% to full and it is really starting to irritate me. I am using the stock Nokia charger and plugging it into the wall outlet. On top of that, today I put the phone on the charger when it had about 3-5% battery left and it has taken 5 hours to charge (I placed the phone on the charger before bed and awoke to see it is still charging)......should I swap it out?
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    Something is wrong... my phone doesn't take even close to that long. Maybe try it with a different charge method to make sure it isn't your phone.
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    Fwiw, mine charges from 5% to full in about 2 hours...on the wireless charger.
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    So I used my old HTC charger and the phone charged from 9% to full in about 2 hours. That means something is wrong with the stock Nokia charger.
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    I have an old standard USB charger for my BlackBerry PlayBook that is designed to charge the relatively large PlayBook battery fairly quickly and it REALLY speeds through a charge.

    From my experience, using a standard USB cable with a USB plug-in adapter will ALWAY run slow. I believe that USB cable limits the power that can be delivered. In my car, I have a DC adapter that I plug in to the lighter and it has two options: one, is a hardwired connection to the adapter and the second is a USB slot for a separate USB cable. Using the hardwired cable allows the phone to charge MUCH faster than using the USB cable plugged into the slot. I would look for a hardwired charger for home and the car and you will be pleased.

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