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  1. calvin cooper's Avatar

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    Anyone else notice this?
    I will set my volume at 25/30 and after sometime (30 min or so) it will just drop itself to 18/30.
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    I know that the ringer volume will reset back to a default level (19/30 on my 920) if the phone is restated. Is you 928 perhaps restarting on its own without you noticing it?
  3. calvin cooper's Avatar

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    Ah, this may be the case. I did do a restart on it. I will have to verify this. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Sheamartin's Avatar

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    I have noticed not only the ringer volume drops to nearly zero, but so does the in call volume. I'll go to make a call and then realize there is in call volume either. It happens every day. I have not noticed if it happens after 30 minutes or not.
  5. BikeMrown's Avatar

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    Any chance you guys are using one of the cheap TPU cases? Found that one of those was a tad too snug and would start pressing the buttons down on its own.

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