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    Does the Nokia 928 support Verizon's mobile hotspot? I currently pay for Verizon's mobile hotspot for my Droid Razr and I have been considering switching to the 928. I use the mobile hotspot feature a lot when i am on the go with my tablet. Is this feature also offered on the 928? Thanks.
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    Yes it is available. On the 928 it is in settings under "Internet Sharing" If you're subscribed to the mobile Hotspot option just switch the internet sharing to ON and it will turn on the Hotspot.
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    If you are paying for it in your plan it will be enabled. If you are an unlimited user, there is a ~$30 dollar fee to enable it.
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    It is no charge to turn on if you are on the "Share Everything Plan" (unlimited talk/text, limited data).

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