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    Hi. Just received my Lumia 928 with the latest update. Smooth, fast, interesting. Was wondering if there is a shortcut to silent mode? When using the volume buttons it will put the phone into vibrate but not silent. The only way I have found to do this is to go into the sound settings and turn off the vibrate and ringer manually. Is there a shortcut button or app that can put the phone in silent mode from the home screen? I came up empty on a search of the store.
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    If you turn off the vibrate in ringtones setting, then the volume/tap will toggle between silent and ring. But if you want vibrate on when you have ring on, then no, there's no shortcut.
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    If you don't care to have vibrate off, the drop down volume bar switches between ringer and silent when you uncheck vibrate.
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    Thanks. I'll send them some feedback and keep an eye on the store. Does flip to silence kill the vibrate?

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    I don't have it yet but it should. And if the power of my memory is correct it is a cycling option on 8.1 so they are aware of that bump.

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