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  1. selfcreation's Avatar
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    take a look at this new ADD for the HTC ONE X...

    now maybe its JUST ME!! but the WHOLE TIME Im thinking ..

    SIICK WP ADVERTISING!!!!!! then i see the end and its a Android phone...

    is it just me thinking that SKYDIVER is wear ALL WP colors and LIVE TILE looking pants?

    lol. maybe its a WP fashion shoot filmed with a Android phone? lol

  2. willied's Avatar

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    Stupid commercial. Why would anyone do any serious photography with a phone? Then again I wouldn't consider that serious photography, but you know what I mean.
  3. foosball's Avatar

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    This is the type of hardware that once it comes to WP will be a beautiful match.

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  4. jimski's Avatar

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    Bet you $20 they reset that phone just before jumping out of the plane. Can't have anything cluttering up that memory now can we.

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  5. cedarlog's Avatar

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    maybe they will release this phone to windows phone 8 and they are too cheap to make another commercial :ninja:
    and i didn't like the ad
  6. IamVortigaunt's Avatar

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    Funny, when I recently saw the add, I thought the pants looked like nokia's live tile graphics, too.

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  7. yuerolling's Avatar

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    This is the type of hardware that once it comes to WP will be a beautiful match. lol !

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