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    I was thinking to myself what material would I use to build a phone with I could'nt decide i like metal but I also don't mind plastic (I love plastic good for receiving signals).

    I came up with a combination metal build with glass all around the display a unibody (I LIKE THE LOOK OF ALL IN ONES).

    I also thought of gold or either Titanium that would be sexy or carbon fibre so much choice but not bronze.

    So I want to know other opinion about this would you want?
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    Most dangerous stuff man has known are bullets in shmups. Just one of them can kill a person, leaving no trace of him.
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    That's good too.
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    Rubber. I want my phone to bounce back into my hand when I drop it without any cracks or scratches!
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    Graphene. It would be essentially unbreakable, super conductive, and of course cool... not to mention extremely expensive.
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    Hard anodize aluminum. I've also thought about clear polycarbonate that shows off the innards of a well designed phone.
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