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    I sometimes like to use English (UK) instead of English (US) as the language in Windows on my PC. Windows 8 adds this feature easily by allowing one to press the Windows key + Space to change the input method.

    My question is this: what are the differences in the UK keyboard? I saw that what would be @ became " when I used the UK keyboard. What else differs in the US and UK keyboards?
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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I looked around and found this:

    UK layout:

    US layout:

    The UK variant of the IBM Enhanced keyboard commonly used with personal computers designed for Microsoft Windows differs from the US layout as follows:

    • an AltGr key is added to the right of the space bar
    • the # symbol is replaced by the symbol and a 102nd key is added next to the Enter key to accommodate the displaced #
    • @ and " are swapped
    • the ~ is moved to the # key, and is replaced by a symbol on the backquote (`) key
    • the \ key is moved to the left of the Z key
    • the Enter key spans two rows, and is narrower to accommodate the # key
    Hope that helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by gedzum View Post
    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I looked around and found this:

    UK layout:

    US layout:

    Hope that helps
    Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.
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    For one, I can't seem to find the "y'all" key in the UK version.
    My next phone...

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