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  1. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
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    So, just wondering who everyone's favourite artists have been. For me, it's been this.

    Neil Sedaka (god knows when)
    Spice Girls (until Girls Aloud came around)
    Girls Aloud (until about 3 years ago)
    Dragonforce (they were my favourite artist for 3 years because their music helped me beat depression
    Miss Fd (she's been way too helpful and supportive towards me. She truly is a fantastic person)

    Other notable artists include Sabaton, Rhapsody of Fire, Nicki Minaj (blame cheerleading for this one), and Neil Davidge
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  2. gedzum's Avatar

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    Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, The Stylistics (artists from way back I listen to every now and then)
    Linkin Park (late primary school days, early high school)
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink 182, OneRepublic (college/universtiy to present)

    Other notables include Tiesto, Incubus, Maroon 5; but mainly listen to the ones above.
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  3. BIGPADDY's Avatar

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    LMFAO (I like sexy and I know it and all the rest )
    Eminem (Like rap )
    Dappy (Love Ndubz like dappy more on his own )
    The black eyed peas
    Bad meets evil

    My current favorite now is PSY OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE
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  4. Nirodrit534's Avatar

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    Linkin Park, Boys Like Girls
    Bullet for my Valentine
    (current) RHCP, Switchfoot, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead(Little late, I know.), The Beatles

    It's not very long because I'm not very old.
    Noteables: John Mayer, Coldplay, and Simon & Garfunkel
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  5. krystea's Avatar

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    My list is too long.. Was really into Radiohead, Kenny Loggins, Incubus, The Vines and Cake when I was a kid
    I love Bob Dylan, Cursive, Lou Barlow, DFA1979, Heatmiser, Tom Waits, The Get Up Kids, The Faint, etc.
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  6. stmav's Avatar
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    When I saw your video in the other thread, I couldn't believe that was Tom Waits. Hadn't seen him in many, many years.
  7. krystea's Avatar

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    Mr. Waits has been doing a lot recently. He's been picking up roles in a few films and he put out what I think is an incredible album around the end of 2011.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krystea View Post
    Mr. Waits has been doing a lot recently. He's been picking up roles in a few films and he put out what I think is an incredible album around the end of 2011.
    He was in "Seven Psychopaths", which was a great movie. The entire cast was great.
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