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  1. socialcarpet's Avatar

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    Is it just me or has this forum been overrun by whiners and complainers? It seems like 8/10 threads are someone complaining about something that has been rehashed in a dozen other threads they couldn't be bothered to find by searching.

    It's either complaining, or angst-ridden anxiety attack rants over some inconsequential detail, either a furious rant about some obscure app they can't get and how it's going to mean the end of WP8 or some OCD novel written about how there is a molecule of dust out of place somewhere on the phone.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I came to this forum to find other enthusiasts. It doesn't mean every thread has to be positive sunshine and puppy dogs, but when a forum descends into madness and negativity they way this one seems to have, well it just isn't fun any more.

    So I'm going to walk away for a while. I'm tired of reading thread after thread of complaints and ignorance. Until that changes and we have a forum of enthusiasts again, there is nothing here for me.

  2. Gergolos's Avatar

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    totally right...
  3. Ultimateone's Avatar

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    Welcome to the world of forums.
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  4. dkp23's Avatar

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    I hate whiners! so i hate this thread!

    Forum life is serious business!
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  5. Nataku4ca's Avatar

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    i know how you feel, it used to be finding ways to fix things, get around something, cools things you can do with your phone, or what's new and interesting popping up around here in this forum, lately it does seem like complaining is the way to go, but i guess or at least i keep telling myself that this is the evidence of success to WP, once novice users come on board they won't be like us that tends to want to fix issue, get around them or find reason to wait for improvement

    i know there will be a lot of you that see this message as unfriendly or at least the part that i said "find reason to wait for improvement" to be passive, but here is the thing, "we" the enthusiast for WP has seen it grow from a very feature limited OS to what it is now, a very useful/powerful platform, yes it's missing a thing here and there and apps like the calendar sure can use an update to fix some of the woes, but that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft has done many things right, and it was good that they took their time to design things out and make doing things easier and faster

    had they rushed and just replicated what WM was or copy how iOS and Android do things, you can bet that I wouldn't be here, Microsoft is innovating with new ways to achieve things and focused on doing it right rather than doing it fast, I see absolutely no reason to fault them for that and am looking forward to see how they redeem the issues that still have to be resolved

    bet the same people never cheered when kids corner came out, iOS and Android had nth that can compare to it, and yet people keep focusing on that things that we know are going to get fixed and never acknowledge things like this that is extremely useful to parents and people who have to deal with kids (not that i don't like kids... just saying they are handful)

    i will stick it out in this forum, at least there are still a lot of great people that are willing to engage in meaningful conversation and discussion, and i hope you will come back soon as we need more enthusiast
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  6. jmerrey's Avatar

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    One of the great "coming of age" moments for any forum: it's first member quitting post.
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    Where da instergamz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimateone View Post
    Welcome to the world of forums.
    Spot on, more people come to complain than say good things.
  9. ammarmalik2011's Avatar

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    A thread that complains about complaining
  10. #10
    Sorry to see you go. Although we didn't agree on everything, the debates with you were always worthwhile. I've had similar thoughts, but will be sticking it out. The quality of discussion fell through the floor after WP8 started selling.
  11. ttsoldier's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by a5cent View Post
    Sorry to see you go. Although we didn't agree on everything, the debates with you were always worthwhile. I've had similar thoughts, but will be sticking it out. The quality of discussion fell through the floor after WP8 started selling.
    WP8 start selling = More WP8 users = More people joining the forums. That's why I joined. To read and learn about the L920 before I purchased it.

    In a way, it's a good thing.
  12. TonyDedrick's Avatar

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    Honestly, I see equal amounts of threads on the spectrum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttsoldier View Post
    WP8 start selling = More WP8 users = More people joining the forums.
    Of course. I agree. Always a silver lining. I don't mind the complaining and anxiety that much. I can ignore it. I do miss the more in depth discussions with many of the more knowledgeable people though. Many seem to be pulling back. Nothing against the new people, everyone is welcome obviously.
  14. Dave Blake's Avatar
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    Carpet is on vacation anyways and this thread does nothing to further the community so I am closing it.
    Last edited by Dave Blake; 01-09-2013 at 11:37 PM.

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