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    What's with Nokia's stock price dropping today? Is there some news we should be hearing about??? Its getting close to where I'll only have made $1 a share!
    - Rich

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    seems related to some tax issues in india? And everytime euro reports something new and bad the stock seems to drop too.
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    Would expect price to keep dropping until the q4 earnings release at the end of the month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonyng View Post
    seems related to some tax issues in india? And everytime euro reports something new and bad the stock seems to drop too.
    I agree with this- I think Nokia is building confidence (hence the steady climb) but incidents like this will leave investors skeptical. In my uninformed opinion I think it is normal to see a fallback after big gains as people question whether the new price ($4.22) is actually sustainable without concrete facts.
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    I think reports of a low-priced, emerging markets, iPhone are compounding today's rout. That has me more worried than what I perceive as a cash grab by overzealous Indian officials. FWIW, I think the India tax issue will fizzle out, once India sees the response by other international companies by way of threats to reduce their investments in India.
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    I think one reason was their not coming straight out and being vocal about expanding their market to Android. Saying that, if WP8 continues to gain marketshare, Nokia is leading the way. Lets just hope MS doesn't mess it up for them.
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    This might have helped the Nokia "raid" story perspective. From October 2012:

    Software sector to gain from Nokia tax case ruling

    A recent ruling by the Delhi High Court on taxability of payment for software supplied along with hardware is a huge relief for the software industry.

    The High Court ruled in a case of Nokia Networks that payment for software would not qualify as ‘royalty’ under the India-Finland Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA).

    Business Line : Industry & Economy / Info-tech : Software sector to gain from Nokia tax case ruling
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    lol....nice movement today ;-)
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