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    Does anyone use google+ ? Does anyone even understand how it is supposed to work??
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    It's like Facebook and Twitter had sex one night... then out popped Google+ ! You can follow me on there, but I'm not as active as I should be. I'm more into Twitter.
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    Yeah I use G+ daily. I have a tee shirt that reads "I am not on facebook"
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    I just wish their mobile site didn't suck so bad. I'd use it more if I could access it from my Windows Phone. But yes, I was a part of the Beta, and it's more like Facebook with very good video video conferencing and better event handling. In other words, it's a social networking site that does social better than Facebook.
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    Use it all the time. The mobile site just sucks on our windows phones. There is a wrapper app in the store but I'm not paying to use a website.
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    I use it. Would use it more if they had a dedicated WP app. Its actually a nice social site with great features.
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    I use it, got less then one hundred followers but regardless. I feel like its as stated above a facebook, twitter crossbred. It personalizes your results better with google however, and syncs it over the whole google network which is convenient. I feel when it comes to posts however its more like a professional ecosystem where you can post things that you find interesting, your photography if you do some, or blog on it. Multi purposeful I suppose.

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