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    Is there a way to create a MS account with a different email address, i.e. @gmail.com?!


    Update: AH, found it! Sorry!
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    I did this, I wouldn't do it again to be honest.

    It doesn't seem to have a real advantage for me. If you don't use the mail address you created with the account, you don't have to have to use it on your phone. Now the entire mail part of my MS account is just unused (and no, I won't receive my mail into this account, as it wouldn't make sense for me.)
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    Mh ok.. What I have noticed, is that the only way to migrate other mail accounts into the outlook.com world is to do that via POP and that kinda sucks.. If it would provide IMAP I would give it a chance.. But POP is useless nowadays!

    The only problem with creating a new @outlook.com address is, that they really don't have the account-name options that I would like to have.. I don't like my birth year or random numbers in my email address.

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