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    I don't know if some of you have seen this yet or not but thought I would see what you thought of it. For me it is looking in some areas a lot like Windows 8. I really like the changes Ubuntu has done over the years but every time I try it I can't get into the OS and always resort back to windows so maybe I'm biased in this area but I'm just not that impressed with this.
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    I've tried ubuntu A LOT of times and every time I've come back to Windows. It just doesn't do anything as nicely and easily as Windows has done for years!
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    That looks sweet. Sure, I'm still a WP user by nature, but so tempted to pick up a Nexus 4 on the cheap and load Ubuntu OS onto it. That gesture-based environment will be sweet.
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    I'd be more likely to consider a Ubuntu tablet than a Windows RT tablet, since Ubuntu seems like it would be more robust on a tablet and be able to run the same apps as a Ubuntu desktop.
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    Can't say it knocked me out by any means. It's an alternative, and more choices are a good thing. The remote desktop on Surface is a must have feature for me. It's nice to not have to lug around a laptop when I travel these days.
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    Id take it over IOS!

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