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  1. Liam Perry's Avatar

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    If so which two? Which is your daily driver?

    Do you find you use one more than the other?

    Is Windows Phone your phone of choice?
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
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    Atm no, but I am getting a BlackBerry Curve 8520 repaired. My Nokia Lumia 920 will still be my daily driver though.

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  3. pankaj981's Avatar

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    I have 3, L810 is my daily driver, BB9930 from office and a L822 which I use as a GSM backup
  4. tgp
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    I use a Nexus 4 as my daily driver, and my 2nd phone is a Lumia 920. I would consider switching to the 920 as my daily driver, but baseball season is around the corner and there's no MLB app for WP.
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    I have a 820 and a 510. 820 is my primary phone while the 510 has been dedicated to app development.
  6. dgreening's Avatar

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    I am carrying 2 phones, 1 for work use and 1 for personal use. The work phone is the L920, I had a Galaxy S3 but once I tried the L920 I just couldn't go back. I wasn't a big fan of Android anyway. My personal phone is an iPhone 5. I just can't give up the games and that my entire family has iPhones.
  7. Nakazul's Avatar

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    Yes, a Lumia 920. That says it all. I need 2 phones to be sure I can make it through the day. I hate my Lumia 920, but I don't like the LG Optimus 7 so I'm in limbo land. Wish I could have kept my Titan as the main and use the L920 as long as I can stand it before I want to smash it during the days.
  8. wpn00b's Avatar

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    I have an HTC 8X as the daily driver and a Galaxy S3 provided by the employer. Trying to get used to Android again. Have you seen wpcentral on that browser?! Blech! I just don't like the way that OS looks or feels really, though it can be extremely functional at times with the sheer amount of options it gives you. I think that is Android OS's blessing and its curse.

    WP isn't perfect of course, but I like its aesthetic and simplicity. I miss some applications but not many so the S3 gets little use other than email and trying out features here and there.
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  9. BIGPADDY's Avatar

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    I would like too if I had the money
    The craziest member on WPCentral!

    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!
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  10. Chris_Kez's Avatar

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    Lumia 920 is my main phone but I'm still carrying my iPhone 4 just to listen to podcasts- I can't find a WP8 podcast app that bests Instacast on iOS. That app downloads everything <24 hours after original broadcast (<18 for most) and I can see all "unplayed" episodes in one list, sorted by release; no need to flip through different subscriptions or build a playlist manually.
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  11. roaspiras's Avatar

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    Yeah here in our country you gotta have two phones since most operators offer unlimited calls/text from within networks so it make sense. My primary phone for business is Lumia 620 while my personal secondary phone is a Nokia C2 dual SIM phone.
  12. gedzum's Avatar

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    I used to carry two phones before. I had a Nokia N97 mini and a N900. I lost my original N97 mini, so got a replacement, but I just couldn't look at it the same way. Bought the N900, carried both while trying to sell the replacement N97 mini. After a while with the N900, I felt it was getting a bit slow for my liking and that's when I started looking for a new phone, in particular, Nokia and subsequently, a Windows Phone. I liked what I saw and got a Lumia 800. Really enjoyed my experience, so I tried to sell of my N900, but no takers so gave it to my uncle. Now I only carry my Lumia 800.
  13. AskaLangly's Avatar

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    My device is an 822, with the Samsung Fascinate as my multimedia device. Cannot stand the audio skipping on WP, likewise not being able to scrub on videos.
  14. nicewabbit's Avatar

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    I am one of those loonies with 2 WPs...I like to keep my work and personal phone separate for several reasons. I have a Lumia 900 for me and a Lumia 920 for work. I wish it were the other way round, but AT&T didn't let me upgrade my personal early :( With the 7.8 upgrade though I don't feel like I completely missed out.
  15. fredolay69's Avatar

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    I only carry my Lumia 920 on me. And also my old BlackBerry for work. But our company is in the process of switching over to asll windows phones, which means i will probably have that Lumia joint they got on verizon.
  16. StreetNerd's Avatar

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    Yes, my main phone Lumia 920 and the other just for calling, Luna 8600
  17. metalchick719's Avatar

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    On a daily basis, I carry my Lumia 810 with me, but I tote my iPhone 4 to my boyfriend's house and on trips with him. I don't use it as a phone anymore but it's essentially been my iPod touch since I got my 810 in November.

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