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    Nokia Maps officially arrives on iOS and Android, touts offline storage - Engadget

    so, apple gets it and windows doesnt? does this not make sense to anybody else/
    yep... yep...
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    We already have Nokia Maps. It's called Navteq. ;)

    But Ovi Maps is coming.

    Nokia Ovi Maps coming to Windows Phone 7 handsets | T3
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    City Scene looks cool. :)

    .........HANDSET: Nokia Lumia 920
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    I'd be pretty shocked if WP7 doesn't get it as well. They're probably waiting for tomorrow to announce it :)
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    Nokia Maps is great for navigation. I've used it in the U.S. and France. It's always spot on.
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    It's coming to WP7 in 2 flavors, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. Whereas Maps covers driving and walking, Drive is purely driving.


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