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  1. muffasa's Avatar

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    I am having a hard time choosing between these three devices.

    Note: I know I should take Lumia 800 or wait for 900, but it is just too expensive to get them where I live. And I know that I should wait for Apollo, but dual-core or even mid range phones will be too expensive when they are released either. The three ones from the topic are in the same, acceptable price.

    I am currently using Palm Pre 2, which I have put on eBay to sell in a sensible price before it's too late;) I am quite happy with it, but let's face it, webOS died long time ago.

    These three devices have essentially the same specs:
    Compare phones: Nokia Lumia 710 VS Samsung Omnia W VS Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V - Phone specs comparison

    So I am choosing between: best screen in Samsung, apps and support in Lumia, and "future" Android ICS in Xperia.

    On the other hand: Omnia W can be left without updates from Samsung as usual;), Lumia's battery life is just rubbish(( Nokia Lumia 710 vs. Samsung I8350 Omnia W: Battle of the affordable Windows Phones - ) - I am used to charging my Palm every night, but I don't want to any more, because I don't always have where and how to charge it. Is it really THAT bad with Lumia?), Xperia comes with Android and its great ecosystem, but expected battery life and sluggishness put it in line with my Palm(battery).

    I would choose buttery smooth experience with Windows over Android every day, but that Apollo update uncertainty is taking on my nerves too as I don't change my phone every year.

    So basically it is a fight between support, apps and updates in Lumia, probably longest battery life in Omnia, and Android... I listen to the music on my Clip+, so I don't need a lot of storage. Cameras are practically the same in them.

    Any help from you, guys?

    UPDATE: I bought Samsung Omnia W, I hope it will be a pleasant experience :)
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  2. sumitagr's Avatar

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    Hi muffasa, I am going through the same trouble as seem to have faced some time back. Omnia W is clearly a much better choice than Lumia 710. And now I am confused between Neo V and Omnia W.

    I am more inclined toward Omnia W as well, and I hope that its faster processor, Super AMOLED screen and overall Mango exprience should cover for the standard restrictions like lack of micro SD, Bluetooth, file system access, etc.

    Just wanted to know about your experience so far with Omnia W. Or to put it bluntly, whether you regret chosing it over Xperia Neo.

    Any pointers about where to get a better deal for the same would be helpful as well. As of now, Flipkart is offering it at 15200 Rs in India
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  3. muffasa's Avatar

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    I can't to a direct comparison, but I am happy I've chosen Omnia W.
    The screen is very bright, brighter than iP4s', really vivid.
    I like the overall experience with WP7, I wouldn't change it to an ICS Xperia neo, fluidity of the system makes up for some drawbacks of it.
    Battery life is nice and predictable. It can last for 2 days of normal usage or 1 of GPS/browsing/gaming.
    As I sad I'm happy with what I have:)
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    You think the Neo is gonna get ICS? Wow.
  5. sumitagr's Avatar

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    Thanks for your reply muffasa. Good to know you are satisfied with the phone.
    Also, you seem to be happy with battery life of Omnia W, but reviews suggest an ordinary 6 hrs of talktime on 3G (though its 14 hrs on 2G)

    Yes, ICS upgrade is already available for Neo V and that makes the choice even more difficult :)
    Upgrade to Android 4 - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)
  6. muffasa's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestaterocker View Post
    You think the Neo is gonna get ICS? Wow.
    Yeah, unbelievable, huh? So many posts and so little knowledge about the news.

    I am satisfied with battery life, because it's enough for me, I would like it to stay off the charger for a week, but these times are long gone;)
    I was tired of Palm's battery life, because it could die in the middle of the night and was an unreliable device for longer trips. Now I don't have to worry so much.
    Consider Lumia 800 too, the support is/will be better;)
  7. sumitagr's Avatar

    6 Posts
    800 if off my limits as of now ... I think I am gonna go with Omnia W this time.. looking for a good deal..

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