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    Hey Community.

    I found the best site to compare 2 different phones. All facts, no opinions and no commentary. Its pretty unique and gives pro reasons for both phones. Try the Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5. (12 reasons for the iPhone 5 and 17 reasons for the Lumia 920)

    Comparing Apple iPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 - Twelve Reasons for the Apple iPhone 5 - VERSUS IO

    or any two phones..


    Anyway, I am interested to see if anyone else finds this pretty useful. I can tell you I learned something new about specs, and I thought I did all my research. (Like Prime Lens)
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    What a joke.

    Two of the reasons for iPhone 5 are these?

    Has a built-in HDR mode
    Can create panoramas in-camera
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    I don't think it's a joke Gaichuke, but that site is a bit confusing and some points are incorrect.

    It says that the i5 has a dedicated camera button, while the Galaxy S3 does not. Apps available says "425,000". That is incorrect for iOS.

    "Lotsa shorter"?
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    i actually like GSMArena.com for comparisons of different phones.

    Tools - GSMArena.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by lak611 View Post
    i actually like GSMArena.com for comparisons of different phones.

    Tools - GSMArena.com
    That site is good, but it only lists specs. Doesn't really say what the specifications mean or why does it matter. The features section is a little suspect..

    I am not sure why that site lists Facebook integration for iPhone and not for when Lumia had it two years ago.. (not that I use FB anyway) And that site lists iCloud service for iPhone and not Skydrive integrated into WP8. Same with Siri and not listing TellMe. I am not sure if these are honest omissions, but it would seem if they want to be 'fair', they would have listed these.
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