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  1. Alex Kj's Avatar

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    Ericsson T28
  2. DalekSnare's Avatar

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    Lumia 900, but I miss the iPhone 4's screen resolution.
  3. pmhgeneral's Avatar

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    Nokia 822....
  4. vlad0's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Kj View Post
    Ericsson T28
  5. JerseySal's Avatar

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    and it had a better antenna than Iphone 4.

  6. Fonof's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaj324 View Post
    Cingular (HTC) 8125
    I love that phone. It was the first smartphone I ever owned.
  7. jddesigned's Avatar

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    LG Shine 8700 Flip.
    It was an absolute tank.
  8. bawboh86's Avatar

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    It's a tie: Lumia 920 and the OG Droid. I kind of miss my physical keyboard...
  9. imem's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by barne19801 View Post
    I disagree, it was a well constructed well built phone. Os was ropey and the clicky screen got annoying. But it was very resilient to damage and the screen was spotless after 18 months of no case and no screen protector, i have had no phone since that has matched it for durability.

    My best phone though was the Sony Ericsson t68, old school i know. It was awesome for the time. Though i lnt lie i still miss my iphone 4, as a complete package it was hard to beat, nice design, impeccable build, solid os, lots of apps.
    well agree the T68 was the best phone you can't compare it too a phone to day!
    For a modern phone whit a place of 1-10 my Nokia Lumia 920 take place 1-8 and the iPhone 4s 8-10 place.

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  10. MR W0LF's Avatar

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    Lumia 920. But my favorate was my e71. Or my razr. XD give me a 3210 any day though.
  11. sanders2232's Avatar

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    Lumia 920.
  12. bovcrx's Avatar

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    Toss up between the my BOLD 9780 and 9900

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  13. danj210's Avatar

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    Lumia 900

    I did like my HTC diamond and my palm treos... But would never ever go back.
  14. fatclue_98's Avatar
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    I've read just about every post here and it seems the 900 series Nokia is ahead of the pack. A smattering of feature phones and quite a few Windows Mobile phones. But what pulls at my heart strings is the love shown on a Windows Phone forum for my beloved webOS. Not so much the phones, the OS. I would be willing to wager that if the poll was about favorite OS, I'm sure it would be a landslide for webOS. I've never come across a negative comment, even by Apple fans, about the OS. The hardware, jeez.
  15. denster1's Avatar

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    I loved my Palm Pre, the curved shape was awesome but my go to phone has been and still is BB, currently the Bold 9900. I will admit thought that I have been "eyeing" a Black Nokia 920 which I think would be a nice compliment to my Surface RT which I love as well.
  16. #141
    The best phone that I have ever owned is my current Nokia Lumia 620. It gives me and provides me everything that I need and I want. However, I miss the physical keyboard on the Nokia N97 mini.
  17. Alex Meander's Avatar

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    iPhone 4s.
  18. nokiageek's Avatar

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    Nokia n73
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Kj View Post
    Ericsson T28
    I had a T28z on a smaller pay as you go carrier. I thought it was the coolest phone out there, but the flip bottom was flimsy as heck.
  20. mrdeeds_72's Avatar

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    My 8X without a doubt, but I will always have a soft spot for my C6-01. Symbian still has some advantages over WP8.
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  21. Liam Perry's Avatar

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    Rocked a Nokia E63 not too long ago. That thing was nearly indestructible, and the battery lasted for days on end with heavy use. It did messaging and multitasking better than windows phone ever has. That being said I love my 710.
    Close second would be my Motorola Razr V3i.
  22. Abdul Rahman Noor's Avatar

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    My old Nokia 3310 from 2001.

    I was in college back then, and this was pretty much the *only* phone on which I could text with my hands under the desk. No complicated software, no touch nonsense. 4 buttons and a numpad.
  23. Mike3of3's Avatar

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    its the HTC HD2 for me. I would still have one now I liked it that much, but I'm more than happy with my Lumia 820
  24. The ZennyBoy's Avatar

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    All four of the Lumia 920's I've used (and replaced, lol). Still the best phone though . . . since I got one that worked.
  25. cuzincurly's Avatar

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    Nokia 3200..virtually indestructible. Threw it, accidentally soaked it under water, spilled a lot of things at it, but it was still there. It died at the timely day of our post-thesis celebrations for some unknown reason and I miss it.

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