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    I've used all the major smartphone platforms over the last 10 years. At times I've been a Crackberry addict and at other times an Apple fanboy but I don't think I've ever enjoyed an OS as much as WP. I live in a home full of Apple and Android products and even have one apple product myself so I'm still around the other operating systems on a daily basis. Windows Phone is simply the best product available. That is all...
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    Cannot agree more.
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    So true. :-)
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    i love my nokia 920 i sure hope we get more apps soon. but i can't seem to replace my mac air nor my iPad yet. my iphone 5 i just carry around because i had it first and still has my main number on it.
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    Nothing wrong with apple products. I still use a 4th Gen iPod touch.
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    Windows Phone is my favorite phone OS by far, but I prefer Mac OS X on the desktop, though Windows 7 is a close second. iOS I just have no love for, never have.
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    I prefer Windows Phone, over other handset OS's. For desktop it's got to be Windows 8 even with a keyboard and mouse.

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