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    Last edited by Alex Kj; 01-29-2013 at 06:14 PM. Reason: Not worth it
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    Some really odd/jarring transitional graphics they have there :P Looks like they forgot to actually make their tiles "live"
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    Definitely looks like what the Metro UI would be like Android-fied. Those GUI animations feel so much like a linux distro.
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    Best of all worlds by the looks of it. Yeah tiles need to do more stuff, but you have to admit as a ******* of all 3 os (ios like icons, android environment and blatantly ripped off wp tiles) its a pretty good way to go
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    Nah, this thing is practically Meego Harmattan which in turn was designed taking heavy cues on Nokia's own Symbian design language

    But whoa, an Android OEM blatantly ripping another mfg design cues and providing absolutely nothing new to the table, color me surprised...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiyaku View Post
    But whoa, an Android OEM blatantly ripping another mfg design cues and providing absolutely nothing new to the table, color me surprised...
    Reinventing the wheel (again) is sometimes not what one needs.
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    Wtf is up with those animations. And when you scroll you can't see the icons? Wacko
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    Yet Windows Phone was out way before this. Please show us an example of where the Live Tiles were implemented BEFORE Windows Phone came out. If you can then I will accept it. As it stands you sound like someone who posts nothing but negativity towards Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, some negativity is allowed. But if you never post positive comments (not even to acknowledge something that someone else has said is good about WP) then you come across as a hater and people dislike you. And I have not yet read one positive comment from you yet. So I empathise with the rest of the community here.

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