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    Hi, I am deciding between the Nexus 4 and Lumia 820 (Or maybe 920). Price aside because I am buying unlocked, can you guys convince me to buy the lumia 820? I am stuck and need some Windows fans to give me some good reasons to buy the lumia. Thanks!
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    My advice is that if you are all about having the latest apps and games, or feel the need to customize every nook and cranny of your phone's os, go with Android.

    If a beautiful, fast, modern, easy, and consistent user experience is more important, go with Windows Phone.

    I would much rather have a nice and intuitive interface personally, but don't think you will find an app from every bank and museum you visit on WP.
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    You need to tell us, very explicitly, what you want in your device. The 920 is worth the upgrade from the 820 in my mind, as it (until 2/21, I think) comes with a free wireless charger on AT&T, the camera is superb, and getting 32 GB of built-in memory is worth it. If you don't care about added storage (or you're fine with the SD card route) and you don't care about the camera or display quality, then the 820 would make sense.

    If you want specific non-WP apps like Instagram, then the Nexus 4 is the way to go. I personally went 920 because I've got 25+ GB of stuff on my phone (almost 18 GB of music alone), I use the wireless charging CONSTANTLY, and I enjoy playing with the camera.
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    The Nexus 4 has a mediocre camera and poor battery life amongst a host of minor issues. Complaints regarding the device have been limited though, due to its low price and scarcity. Major features absent from the Nexus 4 are micro-sd card slot as well as LTE, which are both available on the Lumia 820. These are deal breakers for many people. The most major "pro" of the Nexus 4 is the quad core processor; but benchmarks are just mediocre and not a huge jump from dual core Snapdragon S4 counterparts.

    Do your own research on the Nexus 4; but, from what I've found, it's a mixed bag. The biggest "pro" is the price tag but, if you're going to use a data plan, I would not trade the loss of LTE for a couple hundred dollars savings from a $600 phone. I would definitely get something with LTE.

    P.S. I hear Nexus 4 actually has LTE; but, its not enabled and you have to deal with custom ROMs and be careful with Google updates. Supposedly, the Nexus 4 did not get FCC approval on its LTE bands.
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    in my opinion, if you use your phone more as a multimedia device (apps, games, just having fun) then go with Nexus.

    if you are only concerned with the traditional PHONE aspects (calls, messaging, keeping up with friends, email, camera) go with Nokia.
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    Keep in mind the hardware of the Nexus 4 is made by LG. Just something to think about...

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