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    Does anyone think it would be a good move for Nokia to diversify into the DSLR market? It is a growing market and when people think Nokia, camera is not too far off. I think it could help them with their camera phones of the future and would be good for the long run.

    In many ways, Nokia has started to move into a status...cool niche! I know that's debatable, but it's what I believe, lol. Unfortunately, MS has no such status...but I digress.

    Seriously though, who would buy a Nokia DSLR...I know I would!!!
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    I'm not sure if they could make a dent with all the big names in cameras already out there. There might be too many people that think "oh, it's a camera by those phone people" and write it off without giving it a serious look.
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    I'm with stmav too many big fish in the sea such as Nikon, Canon etc.

    They would be best focusing on mobile camera which would have more success in the long term as well there starting to bridge the gap between a mobile camera and a dslr.
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    If it's attached to a phone, yes!

    Cause I would love to have all my devices into one single device!
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    It'll be highly unlikely that Nokia will move into the dSLR market, especially when the market is pretty much sewn up in a duopoly of Canon/Nikon. Yes there is other players but no third party support for them. Also the dSLR market is facing a similar shrinkage like the PC market in that most people are looking for a mobile 'good enough' camera to take with them, hence the rise of mirror-less cameras and the continued popularity of bridge cameras. dSLRs won't be replaced for pro's but for the average person on the street Nokia is ideally positioned to take and hold the P&S market as their optics and image quality are better than most of the cheaper end cameras available. For all intents and purposes the P&S is a dead market now for manufacturers due to the quality of many mobile phones cameras.

    The digital photography market is undergoing a seismic shift from numerous angles such as video, mobile (phone) photography, and other media options. I'll never give up the control of a dSLR but the 920 does make for a good recce camera if only I could control the lights from it like I could with the iPhone I'd be happy :D
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    the same could be said if they moved into the fitness industry and offered products/apps similar to FitBit, i mean, they already do have a solid platform in terms of Drive/Here, etc and this could be extended to apps and products similar to Strava, Fitbit, etc

    I think there is a lot of opportunity and potential for Nokia in many regards. They might not bring out a dslr or go directly into the point and shoot camera industry with a dedicated device but with devices like the 808 and 1020, there is most certainly an element of creep where dedicated point and shoots could start falling behind in the near future to smart phones.
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    Cannon, Nikon and Sony already do pretty well in this market. I don't think they would put a dent into the market. They are barely putting a dent into the market they once owned.
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    No I don't think that they should go there, but I think having some sort of official Nokia telescopic lens could rock for the 1020 (and even the 92x line). I've seen the cheap one on amazon but that blurry distortion around the edges didn't look appealing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by myrandex View Post
    No I don't think that they should go there, but I think having some sort of official Nokia telescopic lens could rock for the 1020 (and even the 92x line). I've seen the cheap one on amazon but that blurry distortion around the edges didn't look appealing.


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    I really like that idea...sounds awesome!!!
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    From a business perspective ask your self this question. How many people do you know that are buying cameras? Sure we all probably have a few older models laying around but I don't know anyone that owns a new camera or is even thinking about buying one.

    Except for the really high-end (professional level) that is a dying business.
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    I'm not sure where I've seen buy I saw lenses with Nokia branding on them. They should stick with what they are doing putting out great devices with amazing camera's and software. They don't need to be making DLSR staying on this road more people walk around with Mobile phones than they do DLSR. going forward from the L1020 why carry a DLSR when one can take amazing snaps from Nokia device. Fact is in a few years time we may see a massive slow down in the DLSR market because of this.

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